Who We Are?

We're a group of educators, medical professionals, animators, and lawyers. We’ve come together to make a difference in the healthcare industry. Healthcare isn’t just about medicine and surgeries. Actually, they’re are only a small factor.

Your child’s health and comfort is mostly up to you and your child’s understanding of cerebral palsy and how well the complications are managed.

That’s why at CPneeds, we focus on YOUR needs.




Our Mission

Everyone wants to take care of their child to the best of their ability. However, especially for parents with a CP child, there’s barely enough time to eat breakfast, let alone have time to read up on how to best tend to a special needs child!

Here’s where we come in.

Watch Our Videos!

Instead of just doing the same thing as those other websites, we created short video clips that talk to YOU! We researched, wrote, scripted, and filmed these videos to help parents get up to speed with their CP knowledge.

Connect with Fellow Parents!

Being successful as a parent if a CP child isn’t just about memorizing a textbook. Connecting with other parents and learning from their successes (and maybe even mistakes) can be just as, if not more, valuable. You might even be able to teach others a thing or two!

Find the best legal advice available!

Some cerebral palsy cases are due to medical malpractice. Because many parents don’t know where to start and what to do, we reached out to some of the best lawyers in the country to ensure that parents like you will get the best legal guidance possible.