Should I file a lawsuit?

Over 8,000 children are born every year with cerebral palsy. In some cases, nothing could have been done to protect these children from developing the disorder. However, there are many births that are unfortunately due to a doctor, nurse, or hospital not providing the quality care necessary to ensure the health of the child. In fact, 1 out of every 10 children acquire CP because of medical malpractice.

The most effective way of identifying if a child was indeed maltreated in the hospital is by contacting a lawyer who specializes in CP cases. These lawyers team up with doctors and other healthcare professionals to investigate if something went wrong at the hospital.

If you have any suspicions about your child's care during labor or childbirth, it may be worth contacting a lawyer to examine the matter more carefully.


But, what is there to gain by filing a lawsuit?

The financial stress of raising a child with cerebral palsy can add up to millions of dollars! Over 90% of cases are settled before trial. Settlements include compensation to cover  treatment, therapy, medications, and surgeries. Consulting with a lawyer may be the single most important thing that you can do for your child.

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